Bad weather, last Friday in the US

The weather yesterday was awful rainy the whole day long. So we decided, instead of staying in the south to head towards Long Island what turned out to be a good idea. Beside having a much better Hotel experience then in the very stinky Atlantic City Golden Nugget Hotel, we also saw a lot of areas like Long Branch, Highlands, Keansburg and passed Cheesequake (! ;), Perth Amboy, and Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens. We just arrived at our hotel when it turned dark, but generally the arrival here makes sense as our airport (JFK) happens to be on Long Island anyhow 🙂

New York, last day.

Before driving to New Jersey tomorrow, we enjoyed our last day in downtown NY, the National Library insides, Timesquare, bad drinks on a nice boat and with the late day highlight, the Highline Park and some nice Mexican food as a closeup. Good night and good bye New York.

SUN, APR 7th, still Manhatten

First a walk again, then by subway to the 42nd street, then National Library, Grand Station, United Nations, very expensive late-lunch sandwiches, Madison Avenue, Central Park, a Greek Festival Parade, Madison, after passing that Guggenheim Museum (too late for full entrance) with a good Coffee and cheesecake (not for me) nearby in an ex-church, then 86-88th street (incl. PetCo. and ugly BestBuy, really not a nice shop anymore), then hitting back to the hotel via Brooklyn Bridge Station (close by the City Hall) the new WTC’s and having a plain Bagel with Onions (for me) and sesame…  Then watching Prometheus on HBO and ready for bed 😉


Crazy city. Very much police everywhere on every corner. Very high buildings. Very much people as well. New York,  Manhattan. Dinner at the Mexican food chain Chipotle, not bad at all.